Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Sketchbook project 2 - Central line

I started travelling on the Central line at Oxford Circus at 10:42, and after visiting West Ruislip and Ealing Broadway in the west
and Woodford and Epping in the (north) east
got back to Oxford Circus at 16:42. (That included time for a sandwich and a bit of shopping in Woodford.) From West Ruislip to Roding Valley, the stop a couple of minutes before Woodford, the journey time is 87 continuous minutes; straight to Epping, it's 81 minutes.

The Central line is the longest line - 47 miles - with 49 stations, 20 below ground. It has a complicated history of extension from 1935 to 1957. The Central London Railway, running between Shepherd's Bush and Liverpool Street, opened in 1900; in 1937 it was renamed the Central Line. "One legacy of the line's building is that the sections under the City were built to follow the geography of the streets above, rather than underneath buildings, to take advantage of the free wayleave offered by the government. As a result there are many sharp bends and curves on the track between St. Paul's, Bank and Liverpool Street. At Bank station, the Central line platforms are so tightly curved it is not possible to see one end of the platform from the other and the traditional "mind the gap" message is particularly stressed here."

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  1. this is so cool. i love your way of not wasting time and attending to the "disregarded everyday". I myself have "wasted" a lot of time waiting for the shuttle or traveling from train. Good thing though I can read some poems on the train at times. Thanks for the inspiration. I am also working on the SBP 2012. Have fun!