Thursday, 11 August 2011

Sketchbook project 2 - Bakerloo line

For the theme of "Along the Lines" my project is to draw/write each line separately, travelling the length of the line to the end, starting from a point in the middle. (For convenience.)

Each line is preceded by a drawing of it, extracted from the tube map. The Bakerloo line is the first in the alphabetical list. I started at Oxford Circus and went to Elephant and Castle, the southern end of the line -Then to Harrow and Wealdstone -
and back to Oxford Circus -

Another component of the project, though not part of the sketchbook, is photography. Most stations have a chart of train times, including a diagram of journey times - 11 minutes to Oxford Circus, 48 minutes to the end of the line -
Heading south, though, it should take only 47 minutes to get from Harrow & Wealdstone to Elephant & Castle -
Of the 25 stations on the Bakerloo line, 15 are underground. The Baker Street to Lambeth North section of the line was opened in 1906, and it was extended to Elephant & Castle the same year. In 1915 it was extended to Queen's Park. It ran north to Watford Junction until 1982.

The actual route of the line -

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