Friday, 18 March 2011

Camberwell New Road

Taken from the 36 bus (it has an upstairs; sometimes the 436 comes along first - it's a bendy bus, upon which: no comment). Both have announcements of the name of the upcoming bus stop. It's not been long since bus stops had names - once upon a time travelling by bus was a mysterious process, but now there are maps and information all over the place - well done London Transport - oh, that's been renamed: Transport For London.

The photos are small, but don't you get a sense of what a colourful route it is? And now's my chance to find the names of the roads along the route - Kennington Lane, Durham Street, Harleyford Road, Kennington Oval, Harleyford Street, Camberwell New Road, Camberwell Church Street.

The photos were all taken along Camberwell New Road - a turnpike in 1818, it's now the longest Georgian road in England.